With well over a decade of experience breathing and caring for a growing herd of horses, Pinto has developed a sense of timing, patience and feel for horses that is second to almost none. He considers himself a student of the horse. His timing is completely based on the individual horse that he’s working with and changes for each horse. This has led to a passion for helping horses to understand better what their owners are expecting of them.

Pinto has helped his wife Christa with many of Rock’n Star Ranch’s own horses, as well as taking on others’ horses who have developed unwanted habits and behaviours. He has greatly improved the willingness and attitude of the horses he’s worked with, as well as furthering the owner’s understanding of the origin of the behaviour and how to help their horse to avoid repeating these unwanted actions.

Outside of the ranch life, Pinto is also a musician. He has been playing guitar for most of his life and has developed incredible skill with it. He has been playing guitar professionally for various rock bands as well as writing and performing some country music as well. One of his most recent musical projects has been writing and performing the musical score featured in Horsemanship from the Heart’s YouTube videos!

Pinto’s passion for both horses and music has brought him to where he is today and has led him to want to share his skills and passion with others, but most of all to help the horses he loves to find the boundaries, comfort, security, affection and peace that they are seeking.  Pinto believes that time spent with horses should be enjoyed by both human and horse, and although the horses must be willing and available to follow direction, they should also be treated as valued partners and not as slaves.

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