Amin “Pinto” Miremadi has had the opportunity to work with and learn from various breeds of horses over the years such as off-track Standardbreds and feral horses off the range to highly strung Lipizzaners and backyard trailer ponies.  All these horses have presented a wide variety of challenges like bolting, tying, rearing, trailer loading, pushiness and general lack of manners and responsiveness on the ground and under saddle.  With the benefit of experience with great mentors such as Daryl Gibb, Mark Rashid, and Stefanie Travers, to mention a few, Pinto is happy to offer his services in helping you and the horse, whatever the challenge may be.

Pinto Miremadi offers various types of training options for you and/or your horses.  Some of these options are:

  • Gentle Starting & Re-Starting for Green Horses, Off-the-Track Horses or Otherwise.
  • Consultations
    • Get Pinto’s opinion on your challenges and hear some options around creating a solution.
  • Single Sessions
  • Continuous Sessions
  • Monthly Training Lessons with your horse
  • Lessons with one of Silver Star Lesson horses
  • Troubleshooting problems

Some of Pintos specialties include:

Ground Work
Develop your horse’s ground manners and ability to respond quickly and softly. From giving you adequate space while being led to moving over lightly for grooming or saddling to more advanced movements on line and confidence building, Pinto can help you and your horse to develop a more functional relationship on the ground.

Give your horse a gentle start. Starting includes basic ground work, saddling and backing with a strong foundation. Your horse will not be finished but will have a solid “start” to their riding life. They will gain confidence in their ability to wear a saddle and bridle, carry a rider, and have an understanding of rein and leg.

Problem Solving
Discover the cause of your horse’s “bad habits.” Whether your horse is kicking, biting, bucking, bolting or has seemingly irrational fears around an object or place, Pinto can help you to uncover the root cause of the issue and redirect the misbehaviour to a more positive outcome. Behaviour is only information. What is your horse trying to tell you?

For more information on training, lessons and boarding rates, please Contact Pinto!

Our Address:

699 261 Street
Langley, BC
V4W 2K9

(604) 856-2967


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