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Whether your horse is in need of starting, ground manners or problem solving, Pinto can help.  With over 10 years of experience behind him and plenty of passion ahead of him, Pinto is known for his dedication to learning as well as teaching.  Please enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to Contact Pinto!


Pinto has been volunteering his time at Greener pastures since November 2010. In that time he has used a patience, consistent approach on the horses. He has helped turn a pushy, flighty and disrespectful mare into a wonderful equine partner who has a respect for people and waits for the person handling to give the next cue. He has great insight into the way horses think and uses this knowledge when working with them.  He has also helped with many of the horses getting them softer and more responsive.  If you are looking for someone to help you with your horses on the ground or under saddle Pinto is your man.”

Alina MacLeod
Program Co-ordinator
Greener Pastures

I am greatly indebted to Pinto Miremadi for his wonderful work transforming my flighty, forgetful and spooky colt into the calm & well-mannered young horse that he is today. Pinto has an amazing rapport with horses & a very special talent with youngsters. I was invited to watch & learn at all stages of Naari’s training and Pinto was always ready to help when I had anyproblems…..like the days Naari thought rearing and plunging was much better than walking nicely on the lead-rope!  Pinto’s methods are gentle, quiet, calm and consistent and show, not only his understanding of how a horse thinks and learns, but also his obvious affection & respect for his equine pupils.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Pinto to anyone wanting to start their youngster in the very best way possible…..and I’m sure Naari would agree with that!


Sue Harris
My horse, a very intelligent alpha gelding, had not been started until he was 8. After going to a variety of trainers, we were no further ahead than when we started. He’s a great horse, but not your typical horse – and very misunderstood…  Pinto really took the time to get to know Cactus and figure out what his issues were. I think this is what made the biggest difference. What I noticed right away was the huge improvement in his ground manners. He would constantly balk when leading, push into you and generally try to get his way. And he did not like to be tied. His ground manners for me were a huge deal as it made me really hesitant to work with him.   I really can’t say how happy I was to see him standing nicely for grooming and leading in a normal way.  I highly recommend  Pinto. He will really take the time to get to know your horse as an individual and he could very well be the solution you are looking for. He’s not afraid of a challenge and if he can work with Cactus, he can work with any alpha horse (in my opinion). Thanks Pinto!!


Nicole Crozier
Pinto has a natural talent when it comes to horses.  He is patient, consistent and has just enough drive to continue to challenge your horse, leading to progress while keeping stress low.  Because he believes that horses are the greatest teachers of horsemanship as well, he is very attentive to the horses he works with; a quality belonging to a great horseman. He has assisted me with many of the horses that I have worked with and has shown great results with the horses he’s been working with. He would be a fabulous choice if you’re looking for someone to help start or tune up your horse.


Christa Miremadi

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